In 2010, Money magazine named Beaverton one of the 100 “best places to live” among smaller American cities, and we understand why. One of the economic centers of Washington county, Beaverton is home to Keith Green Construction, and many other thriving businesses.

Among those businesses are several restaurants that span myriad cuisines and are guaranteed to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Here are a few must-try restaurants in Beaverton, Oregon.


Beaverton restaurant Hall Street Bar and Grill

Hall Street Grill

3775 SW Hall Blvd

Wood-accented Beaverton restaurant with a
covered patio, serving American fare.


12600 SW Crescent Ave

Italian fare gets a refined Northwest twist, at
this Beaverton restaurant with roll-up garage doors.

Beaverton restaurant Fresh Thyme Soup Company

Fresh Thyme Soup Company

16155 NW Cornell Rd Suite 500

This Beaverton lunch & dinner restaurant serves vegan options, soups, sandwiches & salads.

Beaverton restaurant The Gyro House

The Gyro House

 530 SW 205th Ave

Counter-serve Beaverton restaurant offering gyros &
other Meditarranean favorites in a relaxed atmosphere.

Beaverton restaurant Sub Station

Beaverton Sub Station

12448 SW Broadway St

This counter-serve Beaverton restaurant offers stuffed
subs in a train-paraphernalia decorated joint.

Beaverton restaurant Decarli

Decarli Restaurant

4545 SW Watson Ave

This Beaverton restaurant serves seasonal, Italian
dishes in a modern space with vintage touches.

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Beaverton restaurant Siam Lotus

Siam Lotus Oregon

12600 SW Cres St Suite 150

Thai cooking offered in a modern, bamboo-decorated Beaverton restaurant.

Beaverton restaurant La Provence

La Provence at Progress Ridge

15151 SW Barrows Rd

A charming Beaverton cafe offering French-inspired
meals, baked goods & espresso beverages.

Beaverton restaurant Thai Bloom

Thai Bloom

3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd

A warm, informal Beaverton restaurant
serving a wide range of Thai dishes.