Portland Dry Rot Repair

Leak Repair

Example of water damage.

Keith Green Construction specializes in leak investigation and dry rot repair; a problem that threatens many Portland homeowners who have relied on sub-standard craftsmanship.

Dry rot can become a financial and time burden if left unchecked. Keith Green strongly advocates “doing the job right the first time,” which has garnered his 15 years of success.

Following standards of the Grace Vicor Waterproofing Manual, Keith Green Construction provides the following dry rot repair work and related services for homeowners in the west Portland area:

  • Removes and repairs dry rot problems of any kind within your home.
  • Quality leak repair assessments and estimates ensure that your home receives the care it needs.
  • Keith is willing to innovate a dry rot repair solution that fits your budget and needs.
  • Assessments, estimates and dry rot repairs are timely and fully accountable.
  • Cutting edge installation and recycling processes reduce a job’s “carbon footprint.”

To find out more about our Portland leak repair services, please contact us today.