Roof Maintenance & Inspection

Roof Maintenance & Inspection

Safeguard the life of your roof with our Roof Maintenance & 13-Point Roof Inspection Program.

Call Keith Green Construction today for a quality roof maintenance & roof inspection program performed by experienced Portland roofing contractors.

Roof Maintenance & roof Inspection

The Roof Maintenance 13-point Roof Inspection Program includes:

  • Perform Signature 13 Point Roof Inspection.
  • Remove leaves and loose debris from the roof.
  • Clean leaves and debris out of rain gutters.
  • Check downspouts and install protective screens in the downspouts as needed.
  • Remove roof debris and haul away.

Additional one time roof cleaning services include:

  • Sweep heavy moss and apply moss treatment
  • Power wash and apply moss treatment

Free Estimates Available

Moss and debris build up can severely damage your roof. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for roof repairs of existing damage.

Additionally, we offer high quality rain gutter protection.