13 Creative Playroom Ideas to Ignite Kids’ Imaginations

June 1st is International Children’s day. The day was proclaimed after the World Conference for the Well-being of Children was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on that date in 1925.

The purpose of International Children’s day is to call international attention to children’s issues.

In honor of International Children’s Day, we’d like to present 13 creative ideas for playrooms that will inspire children, and ignite their imaginations.



A Divider

If your child has a large room, build a divider: you can trust your child to make believe she has an apartment all her own.
More down to earth, the divider will provide a peaceful sleeping zone for your children, away from the exciting distractions of their toys.



A Mezzanine

What could be more fun than having a two-story abode? and a balcony (or tree-house) right in your own room? Your child will be delighted with a mezzanine like this one. For you, well, if your child’s room is on the smallish side but has high ceilings, it’s a good way to maximize usable space by building a cheerful mezzanine like this one.



A Slide

You can’t always go to in the park but you can bring the park into your room by adding a slide to your mezzanine.



A Climbing Wall

Challenge your little monkeys with a cute climbing wall like this one. As your kids get older, you can space out the climbing holds to up the level of difficulty.



A Hockey Rink

Have you got hockey fans in the family? Bringing the rink right into your home can be as simple as painting your old carpet and adding a couple of nets!



A Performance Stage

If your child is a budding Diva, consider adding a performance stage and costume cabinet to your playroom.



A Built-In Play kitchen

Play kitchens are classic toys that have been popular for decades. But for children dying to play grown up, what can be better than a built-in kitchen modeled to look just like the one mom and dad use?



A Chalkboard Wall

Is your child an aspiring teacher who loves writing on black boards? Supersize their fun by painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint.



A Map Wall

Instill a sense of adventure in your children by wallpapering a map of the world on one of the walls of your playroom.



A Floating Bookshelf Tree

Nurture your child’s inner bookworm by working floating bookshelves into the design of a mural, like this one.



A Swinging Chair

A chair is a chair, but it needn’t be just that. Add a little whimsy to your playroom by hanging a fun chair like this one, or a hamoc, right in your playroom.



Built-In Circle Nooks

Here’s a creative way to build some cozy seating into your playroom, without using up any floorspace. Consider cutting a circle shape into the wall, and lining it with cushiony material.



A Teepee

Your children learn about teepees at school. Let the lessons come alive with a cute teepee like this one.

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