Spring has sprung, and most of us find ourselves wanting to spend more time outdoors. But after a long and rainy winter, your yard might look a little worse for wear under the brightness of the sun.

Maybe you aren’t Martha Stewart in the garden, but there is a still a lot you can do to improve your landscaping and give your home a little more curb appeal.

Here are 7 quick and easy garden makeover tips to get you started.

Fill any Cracks in your Driveway or Walkway

Before you get to the fun embellishments in your garden, it’s essential to focus on necessary repairs. Topping the list are cracked walkways and driveways. More than just an eyesore, sidewalk and driveway cracks will only get bigger with time, if left untreated.
(Check out this video for tips on how to seal cracks in your driveway or walkway.


Trim your Trees and Shrubs

You know how a great haircut can make you look instantly more polished, and bring out all your best features?
Well that’s exactly what trimming your trees and bushes can do for your garden.
Beyond aesthetics, pruning also promotes the health of your trees and shrubs, and protects your property and family from hazards such as falling branches or obstructed visibility.

Pull Weeds

Weeds can ruin the appeal of an otherwise great looking garden. Not only are weeds often unattractive, but they can also deprive your other plants and flowers of the water, light and nutrients that they need.
The most popular way to get rid of weeds is to pull them, which can unfortunately be a painstaking process. Try this simple technique to make the job a lot easier.

Mow & edge the lawn

Mowing your lawn properly contributes to a neat overall appearance for your garden by promoting denser grass, which decreases weeds.
Keep in mind, though, that the height of your grass is important. Trimming your grass too short can lead to a brown lawn, and increase its vulnerability to insects.
Try to stick to the 1\3 rule — i.e. never trim more than one third of the lawn height in one pass.

Plant fresh flowers and plants

Nothing spruces up a garden more than planting fresh flowers and plants. Get more return on your investment of time and money, by planting some gorgeous perennials that will come back next year.
Or plant some herbs and vegetables and enjoy the fruits of your labor at meal time. (Click here for a calendar of important planting dates for Portland, Oregon)

Mulch flower beds

There are many compelling reasons to invest a little time and effort into mulching your flower beds. From a purely aesthetic perspective, mulched flower beds will give a more polished and uniform appearance to your garden. More compelling reasons for mulching your flower beds include moisture retention, insect control, weed reduction, and the maintenance of nutrients.

Solar garden lighting

When you’re done with all your hard work, shine the light on the results by lining your path and sprinkling your flower beds with solar powered garden lights.
Then, simply bask in the glow of your new and improved garden.


Does your home need more than a little update to your garden? Contact Keith Green Construction to find out about our construction services.