If you’re more likely to be found in the kitchen at a party rather than in the living room, then you need a kitchen designed from a chef’s perspective!

The key to a dream kitchen is designing with details in mind. Whether you have an open design or an enclosed space for your kitchen, you can transform the heart of the house into a luxury dream kitchen with small renovations and adjustments.

Here are 10 of our 2019 must-haves ideas for your dream kitchen designs!

1. Striking lighting

Create the right mood with soft lighting: make your kitchen more Michelin-inspired than diner-inspired with attractive and unique-looking lighting. The design is as important as the lighting itself.

Make sure it has:

  • Enough wattage to allow you to see what you’re cooking
  • A distinctive and attractive look that matches your kitchen’s style (statement lighting for a minimalist kitchen, rustic lighting for a coastal home, bohemian lighting for an easy-going kitchen, etc.)
  • A dimmer so you can adjust the lighting to cooking or entertaining

2. A fully stocked bar area with seating

Encourage your guests to hop up at “the bar” and feel at home. Have everything at hand in your bar area and pour them a glass as you put the finishing touches on your fantastic meal.

Make sure it has:

  • Enough counter space to place everything you need (glasses, bottles, lemons, etc.) Comfortable – not just pretty – bar stools
  • Electrical sockets/plugs
  • An under-the-counter or table-top drinks fridge

3. A fridge made for entertaining

Some of the newest fridges are made especially for the party-conscious chef: convertible compartments that can be used as either refrigerator or freezer sections. Along with the oven, the fridge is a make-or-break item for many dream kitchens.

Make sure it has:

  • Convertible refrigerator/freezer compartments
  • The right dimensions (so it doesn’t stick out past your cabinets when installed)
  • An icemaker and filtered water dispenser
  • Split shelves (to store those large bottles of bubbly)

4. A beautiful counter-top island

An island is a must-have these days. Use it for extra prepping space or to let your guests sit with you as you cook. Even in a small kitchen, standalone islands can incorporate enough space to pull up a stool.

Make sure it has:

  • Good quality counter (quartz, granite, or marble)
  • Enough counter space to lay out a small spread
  • Subtle overhead lighting
  • Custom under-the-counter and slide-in storage space

5. Wireless speakers

Creating the perfect ambiance – even in the kitchen – is all about the details. Add a wireless speaker to the kitchen (top shelf, so moisture doesn’t get to it) so you can cook to your favorite tunes. A Spotify membership will ensure you’re not fiddling with song lists while you cook.

Make sure it has:

  • A sleek, modern design (or one that matches your kitchen color accents)
  • Long battery life (if you want to move it around the house)
  • Great sound, suitable to your kitchen space
  • Good WiFi reception, if your modem is far from the kitchen

6. Lots of hidden storage

It’s lovely to keep your counter minimal and shiny, but to do that, you need space for everything else. Cabinets, sliding pull-out drawers, and shelves add hidden storage without overwhelming your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure they have:

  • Deep drawers that slide in and out effortlessly for easy reach
  • Enough space for larger items like serving platters
  • A custom design appropriate to your kitchen space (so your cabinets and drawers can integrate features like banquettes)

7. A deep sink

Chefs know the importance of prepping and cleaning. A deep sink is ideal for tight spaces and for those big pots and pans. (Also great to hide an item or two in a deep sink so they’re out of sight).

Make sure it has:

  • Two basins (60-inch to clean and 40-inch to prep)
  • Touch-activated, hands-free faucets (ideal for bakers)
  • A built-in food waste disposal unit
  • 16- or 18-gauge (the lower, the better) if buying a metal sink

8. A chef’s oven

The one thing your dream kitchen – or any kitchen for keen cooks – can’t do without is a great steam-convection oven so everything bakes evenly…and beautifully. Large glass doors will let you see what’s cooking. Add a backsplash with the same material as your island counter to give it the wow factor.

Make sure it has:

  • Dual ovens (so you can cook the turkey AND the pie at the same time)
  • Good ventilation and a (hidden) range hood
  • Easy-to-use controls so you can focus on recipes, not technical details
  • A baking drawer (if you love to bake)

9. A walk-in pantry

Great cooks need lots of equipment, we know that. And you need space for your homemade wine, kefir, pickles, jams, and experiments. A dream kitchen isn’t complete without a small walk-in pantry where you can place all the tools and ingredients that allow you to create your cooking masterpieces.

Make sure it has:

  • Lots of shelves and drawers
  • An even temperature
  • Great lighting
  • Extra counter space

10. Stunning artwork

Why doesn’t your kitchen deserve the same attention to décor as your living room? Buy artwork that speaks to you and display it in the kitchen. It’ll inspire great dishes and will serve as a talking point for guests.

Make sure it has:

  • A special meaning for you
  • Elements that pick up your kitchen’s colors
  • Protective glass so the canvas doesn’t absorb moisture or cooking odors
  • Custom-made lighting to show it off

A few dream items can translate into a wonderful world of cooking and entertaining. We hope these ideas have inspired you.

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