“Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year, and for Christmas, I’d like my room to have the most awesome Christmas decorations ever! I’ll love being in my room and waiting for Christmas to come.”

There are lots of benefits to children having their own room, a little sanctuary in which to play, sleep, and study. Make that room even more special to them at Christmas time with simple and affordable decorations that they’ll love and treasure.

As the holiday season approaches, get into the festive spirit with your children: brighten up their rooms with delightful and fanciful Christmas decorations.

1. Add a mini-Christmas tree

Christmas trees don’t only have to be in the living room! A small Christmas tree in their room will really get them excited about Christmas. Let them give you ideas of how they want to decorate it – and give them free rein on colors (why not pink?).

Pick one up from one of Portland’s many suppliers.

2. Christmas in their dreams: jazz up bed linens or curtains

Buy Christmas-inspired duvets and pillowcases and make going to bed fun again. Color-coordination with the rest of the room need not apply at Christmas – anything goes! Make it super cozy with soft rugs and matching cushions.

Check out these lovely ones from Nordstrom in Portland or try one of several Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in Portland.

3. Tunes in their rooms: Add a Bluetooth speaker near their bed

Place a Bluetooth speaker in their room and wake them up for school every morning with joyful Christmas carols. Extra bonus points if the speaker is Christmas-themed!

Get it from BestBuy or one of our many electronics stores in town. And then head for Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree to get in the mood.

4. All sweetness and light: Fairy lights and star lights

Make a DIY Christmas grotto in their own rooms by hanging fairy lights and star lights on the wall. They’ll love sitting on their beds and looking around at the softness of these lights.

Check out the great options at World Market all around Oregon. And get in the lighting mood by driving the largest light show in the Northwest at the Portland International Raceway

5. Bright brightness to walls and windows

What child doesn’t love stickers? Liven up dull walls with fun and festive walls decals and window stickers. You can even find colorful personalized versions. Come the new year, you can simply peel them off with no harm done to the wall paint (but we think your children will want to keep them longer!).

Find a whole range of options on Etsy or visit your local Portland Christmas décor and gift shops.

6. Wait for it….: the perfect Advent calendar

Homemade advent calendars are great fun, especially if you make them together and hang them in your child’s room. Teach them the value of patience and reward them every day with a sweet treat or fun stocking stuffer.

For something sweet, try Made in Oregon at Pioneer Place or Mouth in Portland.

7. Holly folly: Green decorations with a bit of tradition

Bring the shine of the holly’s bright green leaves and colorful berries to winter and add a bit of folklore to their room: create DIY crafts together with holly leaves and berries. The holly has a long tradition with Christmas, dating back even further than Christianity: the Celts believed the Holly King ruled from the summer to the winter solstice, and then the Oak King would take over until summer again.

Visit forests near Portland and find your own Yuletide log; or for city-lovers, head down to Portland’s many garden nurseries for the perfect holly branch.

8. Their very own Christmas Elf shelf

Child’s room a little crowded? Create your own DIY floating shelf where you can add presents, decorations, Christmas cards, and a Christmas elf!

Not very DIY? Head down to Ikea in Portland and get creative: put your coffee table against the wall, and build upward with decorative items, then top with a star! See how (#2).

9. Let it snow…globe

Add instant festive atmosphere by creating homemade snow globes to place along their windowsill or bookshelf. They’re easy to make: mason jars, glitter, glue, old toys (optional) or tiny tree ornaments: mix and shake (or better, follow these instructions on Shutterfly).

Get inspired: The Portland Children’s Museum has held several snow globe workshops for children in the past: keep an eye out for the next one.

For now, take them ice skating and snowless tubing at Christmas in the Garden.

10. All the extras: Little goodies for little people

Personalize your children’s room decorations even more with loving touches that will make your kiddies feel all warm and safe. Buy little Santa slippers, bring them hot chocolate, fill their beds with soft plushies, add cheerful bunting, and leave little candies on their pillows. It’s all the small things that make a difference.

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