The Sky’s the Limit: Rooftop Living Ideas

You love your house, your garden, and your neighbourhood. But isn’t it time to see it all from a different perspective?

Summer in Oregon is here and the warm weather is made for entertaining and relaxing outdoors, but why not consider building a terrace for your barbecues and evening get-togethers that will really stand out: a rooftop deck.

Rooftop living spaces, no matter their design, offer great advantages. More space, more value for your home, and great views: there’s no feeling quite like standing on top of the world, on your own roof.

A rooftop terrace can add considerable curb appeal to your home, and it’s the perfect way to add a bit more square footage to your home, especially if space is tight. Adding a rooftop deck with elegant furniture, discreet screening, and potted plants maximizes your outdoor space and can offer a secluded space hidden away from prying eyes.

Rooftop decks are perfect for entertaining, for everything from Friday night cocktails to full-on garden parties with a twist. But they can also be a great way to create a rooftop garden without having to create a green roof entirely. They can be made to look as beautiful and useful as your backyard.

You can transform a flat roof into a rooftop deck or add a terrace extension to your existing roof structure.

Rooftop decks can be outdoor lounge areas, dining areas , or gardens. With rooftop lounges, the key to getting the look right is making the area comfortable, private, and relaxing. Rooftop dining areas need to be easily accessible from the kitchen if possible, with enough space to host family and friends for meals. Rooftop gardens, or even living green roofs, need to be carefully thought out to protect your roof from water leaks and wear-and-tear.

With smaller spaces, you can simply create a rooftop bar or small garden with simple furniture, a lovely little oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

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