Think of the types of dishes you love to cook, and there’s a good chance you’ve bought the perfect serving platter for it. After all, nothing makes a statement like a beautiful serving platter or specialty tray on the table, a mouth-watering presentation of the result of all your efforts.

Your guests have arrived. Perhaps you start with a large spinning board of appetizers, followed by a heavy chop platter for meats, an oval wooden platter for baked bread and cheese, and a large round serving plate (and its lid) for vegetables. Finally, you bring out the two-tiered dessert cake plate, and your dinner is a delight for all.

At the end of the evening, your heart is full (as is your belly), and you scrub, dry, and polish your beloved trays with a smile on your face. But that’s where the joy ends. Because some things in life just don’t fit naturally: square pegs and round holes; alcohol and driving; serving platters and kitchen storage.

You try lodging your oversized platters horizontally in the cabinet, but you’ve had to take out half its contents first. Next, you try plonking them in a drawer, but they sit awkwardly on top of your other plates, and threaten to topple them when you place it beneath them. You think of leaving them on the table, but it feels too cluttered. Finally, you decide to leave them in a forgotten box that ‘you’ll deal with later’. What a sad ending for those hardworking platters that have been the crowning glory of your feast.

But it needn’t end this way. Serving platters are never easy to store—unless, that is, you’ve created the perfect storage solution.

And it’s easier than you think!

You can create space-saving nooks, clever drawers, and custom-made cabinets for your serving trays.

No more clumsy cabinet clutter, no more precariously placed plates, no more difficult defective drawers.

Instead, welcome in inspired custom-made stacked dividers, pegged drawers, and vertical, tilt-down, and toe-kick drawers, perfectly suited to your kitchen and your oversized platters. A small renovation is sometimes all that’s needed.

There’s a lot of room to be creative, and small touches can easily make space for those larger items.

You can store large serving platters in neat little toe-kick drawers beneath your counters, where they’ll be out of the way and won’t be knocking against other plates. Or create vertical shelf dividers next to a cabinet so each serving plate can stand on its side, taking up minimum space.

You can even build wall-mounted shelves where your platters can slide gracefully into the décor.

You can even create pegged drawers custom-made specifically for those cherished items you know you’ll always keep.

After all, you’re hardly going to stop hosting dinner parties, and you’re not going to be using paper plates anytime soon. You may as well rethink your storage solutions for your serving platters. They’re at the center of your table, so why not give them a little nook of their own in your kitchen as well?

What are your favourite serving platters? Will they be present at your dining table this holiday season?

We hope you’re inspired by some of these ideas. Keith Green Construction is here to help you renovate your kitchen and build in creative storage solutions to house your favourite pieces.