In today’s Portland Interior Designer profile, we introduce you to Allisen Larsen, the principal designer of Introspecs Interior Architectural & Design Services.

Allisen has worked in interior design for 11 years, and has had a passion for the field since she was only 10 years old.

Allisen prides herself on working collaboratively with clients to create unique spaces that meet their needs.

We asked Allisen to take a little time away from her work (and her wedding planning — she’s getting married in Spain!) to answer a few questions for us. Fortunately for us, she obliged.


KGC-logo-smallHow did your interest in design develop?

I was drawing floor plans of my dream home when I was 10 years old, after looking through a Metropolitan Home magazine. I will never forget the delicious smell of those pages.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat makes you different from other designers??

Skillset-wise, I’m legit with a degree from the University of Oregon in Interior Architecture, Minor in Architecture. Personality-wise, I’m pretty easy-going yet super organized and responsive, I’m a great listener and very open communicator, and I’m highly intuitive which allows me to design intelligently for each client in a unique way.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat has been your key to success?

Slow and steady growth, aligning myself with both clients and strategic partners that share my same business ethics, great team dynamics, open team communication, stability in business organization and continued refining of target projects.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat is the highest compliment you’ve been paid for your work?

This is a tough one, but I think I feel most humbled and appreciated when my clients can feel how much I care for them and our design results being driven by their personal family wants and needs.”


KGC-logo-smallHow would you describe your design style?

Soft modern, buttery, custom cozy, crisp and fresh, warm and welcoming.”

KGC-logo-smallWhat is your idea of what a beautiful home should feel like?

I think a beautiful home has a soul that has been slowly and carefully curated through time, with special pieces that carry meaning and memory for people, and whose design elements communicate fluidly through all spaces but tell slightly different stories.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat inspires your creativity?

An open-minded client, but one with some idea of likes and dislikes as well. I also get super creative when I have chunks of time to get really into the design flow process.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat excites you about design these days?

Custom, locally hand-crafted products that fit within an interior and a client’s environment perfectly.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Happy clients, no doubt. Of course, it’s always fabulous when my designs are followed to the end, and the creative, fun ideas are realized!”


KGC-logo-smallWhat are some of your favorite finishing touches when designing a room?




KGC-logo-smallHow involved in the day-to-day details of a project do you like a client to be??

Very responsive, but also trusting in the team process.”


KGC-logo-smallWhat advice do you have for homeowners reading this interview who are looking to remodel their home?

When in doubt about paint, a piece of furniture, it’s worth an hour or two of a designer’s time to direct or verify you’re heading in the right direction. And if you’re doing a kitchen, bathroom or larger-scale remodel project, (and you’re not an architect or designer yourself) ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, hire a designer. The amount of money you’ll be investing in your home (and increasing it’s value) will more than cover those costs and save a lot of heartache in the long run.”


KGC-logo-smallWhen you are not designing, what are you doing?

These days, I’m planning my wedding in Northern Spain! :)”


We invite you to browse some of Allisen’s work below, and to consider Keith Green Construction for your Portland roofing and construction needs.

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