happy-old-stuff-dayThe End of One Adventure, and the Start of Another

There are days to remember, days to spring clean, days to celebrate… On March 2 this year, you’ll have a day to do all three: Old Stuff Day.

How often do we reply “same old, same old” to an eager “How are you?” question? Well Old Stuff Day, celebrated nationally across the United States, is the occasion to cherish the old and make way for the new.

Old movie camera 16 mm with three lensesOn this day, people bring out antiques, first-love letters, photographs, favourite items of clothing, and share them with friends and fans over coffee or the internet. On Old Stuff Day, you’ll find just about anything and everything for sale on EBay, Craigslist and in local papers and garage sales as people take advantage of this celebration to clear out unwanted items.

Many people believe Old Stuff Day is a day for nostalgia, for looking back at important milestones, revisiting the past and thinking about what’s gone by. But to fully embrace this American tradition with murky origins, you must also look forward, do something different and break old routines.

Old Stuff Day is a chance for us to re-organize our homes, to sort through the old and the vintage and decide if it’s part of our future. To honor this day to its full potential requires dedication… because that’s what it takes to break the old habits and routines, and make space for the new.

Studio Shot Of A Black Rotary PhoneFor many of us, Old Stuff Day is about a clean slate, of keeping what we need: quality over quantity. It means putting aside the humdrum of the everyday and starting those important projects we’ve been putting off for our homes, for our careers, for our lives.

So this March, add a little extra spring in your step. Use Old Stuff Day to tackle the projects that seem too daunting during the rest of the year – to take on a new challenge and add a little fresh energy to lives.

After all, spring is a time for renewal – and a perfect season to rejuvenate ourselves and our homes.