Spring is finally here and we’re celebrating. We want to enjoy the brightness and freshness of the season… even when we’re inside our homes.

In this post, discover 9 fresh and easy home decor ideas to bring a little spring into your home.

1. Start from the Outside In

Set your mind to thoughts of spring from the moment you arrive on your doorstep. A beautiful front door ornament like this one is an easy DIY project that is sure to put a spring in your step and a smile on the face of visitors.

Flowery Umbrella

Spring Home Decor Idea by Godfather Style

2. Bring the Blooms Indoors

Nothing says ‘Spring’ like a cluster of early-blooming tulips. Assemble your own creative arrangement like this one to bring the freshness of the season into your home.

Spring Home Decor Tulips

Spring Home Decor Idea by Angela Bella

3. Introduce Spring Scents

Your nose knows when it’s spring. Tantalize your senses with beautiful DIY scented candles that are reminiscent of spring.

spring home decor scented candles

Spring Home Decor Idea by Really Pretty Useful

4. Freshen with Fruit

Fruits and vegetables in vibrant colors can provide a striking accent to your spring home decor, especially in the kitchen. Play around with montages of lemons, limes or granny smith apples.

Spring Home Decor Citrus Display

Spring Home Decor Idea by Lauren Bern Interiors

5. Add Colorful Accents

In your living room or family room, look for fun ways to inject little pops of color into your home decor. Notice how this bright tray and colored glass add playful personality to the coffee table of an otherwise muted living room.

Spring home decor colorful accents

Spring Home Decor Idea by Handmade Mood

6. Fresh-Hued Coffee-Table Books

And speaking of coffee tables, bright and colorful coffee-table books can at once entertain your guest, and inject the feeling of spring in your home decor.

Spring home decor coffee table books

Spring Home Decor Idea by Handmade Mood

7. Throw in Some Floral Cushions

Fresh-cut blooms aren’t the only way to bring flowers into your home decor. Toss some pretty floral throw cushions onto your sofa and watch your room instantly brighten.

Spring home decor throw cushions

Spring Home Decor Idea by Overstock.com

8. Colorful Hand Towels

When it comes to spring home decor, every room is rich with possibilities. Even your bathroom. All you need are some brightly-hued hand towels to combine freshness and utility in your bathroom or powder room.

Spring Home Decor Hand Towels

Spring Home Decor Idea by Aqua Lane Design

9. Spring-Scented Hand Soaps

Sometimes, the smallest details are the most fun. Try trading in your regular hand soap for spring-scented one in a colorful pump like these.

Scented Handsoap

Spring Home Decor Idea from Pinterest

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