It’s not uncommon for households to struggle to keep clutter at bay. When the holidays arrive, the combination of more time spent at home, more entertaining, and tons of gifts seems to amplify the problem. By the new year, many of us resolve to tame the clutter for good.

For many, sticking to that resolution long term requires more than a little will power. You’ll need to change a few habits and try to reorganize your life so that everything has its rightful place.

In this post, uncover 17 clever hidden storage ideas to help you tame your clutter.

1. Hidden Storage for Laundry Baskets

Nothing clutters up a laundry room like clothing baskets littering every surface, or stacked in precarious towers that can topple at any moment. Adjust a cabinet to let you line up your baskets vertically, so that you can sort your clothing as you go.

hidden storage for laundry baskets

This Hidden Storage Idea by My Love for Words

2. Hidden Storage Drying Rack

How do you dry your delicates in colder weather? Drying racks are cumbersome beasts that get in the way. Find out how you can re-purpose an old dying rack and a simple drawer to create a solution that is out of sight when you don’t need it.

hidden storage dry rack

This Hidden Storage Idea by Eleven Gables

3. Hidden Ironing Board Storage

Here’s a brilliant way to tuck away your ironing board so that it isn’t an eye sore and doesn’t come crashing down on you when you least expect it. Best part of it is that you can set it up wherever you prefer to do your ironing, since it’s entirely hidden from view.

hidden storage ironing board

This Hidden Storage Idea by Woo Home

4. Hidden Storage Behind the Headboard

Here’s a great alternative to your nightstand. Build storage into a beautiful upholstered headboard like this one, and your nightstand won’t have to carry the burden alone of collecting your books and anything else you need by your bed.

hidden storage behind the headboard

This Hidden Storage Idea by Apartment Therapy

5. Platform Bed Hidden Storage

A minimalist bedroom can be a very serene retreat at the end of a long day. We loved the way this room traded in much of its furniture, without sacrificing storage, by building hidden cabinets into the sides of a platform bed.

hidden storage platform bed

This Hidden Storage Idea by Remodelista

6. Hidden Storage for Spices

Recessing a pull-out spice storage solution near your cooktop serves two purposes in one. Keep your spices and oils within reach as you cook, while keeping your cooktop clear of clutter.

hidden storage for spices

This Hidden Storage Idea by Better Homes & Gardens

7. Hidden Storage for Cookbooks

Keep your cookbooks both out of sight and accessible when you need them. Make the most of the corner columns of your kitchen island by building in clever hidden storage. You’ll never know they’re there… until you need them!  

hidden storage for cookbooks

This Hidden Storage Idea by Better Homes & Gardens

8. Hidden Storage Books

We covered creative ways to store books, above. Now how about using books to make your storage beautiful? Clutter on the open shelving of your family room can be an eyesore. Here’s how you canhide your items behind a facade of beautiful vintage book covers.

hidden storage books

This Hidden Storage Idea by Sewing Barefoot

9. Hidden Storage & Panic Room Under Stairs

This hidden storage idea makes two distinct uses of the wasted space under your stairs. Build in a bookshelf and, tucked away behind it, hide away a safe or panic room to keep you secure.

hidden storage stairs panic room

This Hidden Storage Idea by Home Talk

10. Under-Stair Storage, on a Larger Scale

If you have side access to your staircase, turbo charge its storage potential with an assortment of custom cabinets and drawers to cover your deep storage needs. A smart ‘push’ mechanism eliminates the need for tell-tale handles and knobs.

hidden storage stairs

This Hidden Storage Idea by Home Esthetics

11. Hidden Storage under a Single Step

Need a space-saving way to keep shoes out of sight? Carve shallow storage space inside individuel steps of your staircase.

hidden storage stairs

This Hidden Storage Idea by Home Esthetics

12. Mud Room Hidden Shoe Storage

Mud rooms are very practical for busy families, but tend to get cluttered. Keep some of that clutter at bay by concealing shoe storage behind the walls of your mud-room.

hidden storage shoes mud room

This Hidden Storage Idea by Thrifty Decor Chick

13. Hidden Storage Behind Framed Art

This framed artwork artfully combines beauty and function, concealing storage for everything from fuseboxes to books.

hidden storage framed art

This Hidden Storage Idea by Shelterness

14. Hidden Floating Shelf Storage

If you’re a minimalist who appreciates the streamlined elegance of a floating shelf, you’ll love to see it pull double duty with a hidden storage compartment for your mail and keys.

hidden storage floating shelf

This Hidden Storage Idea by Not Just a Housewife

15. Hidden Craft Table Storage

Hobbyists will love the craftiness of this hidden activity centre. Build in a ton of art supplies as well as a craft table, without losing any square footage.

hidden storage crafts

This Hidden Storage Idea by Kid Space Stuff

16. Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

Although this one is our smallest hidden storage solution, it definitely packs a massive punch. Use this clever gadget to store your most valuable items where only you will find them, behind an electrical outlet.

hidden outlet wall safe

This Hidden Storage Idea by the Gadget Flow

17. Hidden TV Storage

That large screen television is great for watching the game, or for your late-night movies. But it has a way of ruining the harmonious aesthetic of your family room or bedroom. Enter the motorized lift, which lets you tuck your TV away inside a piece of furniture and then bring it out at the click of a button. Tadaa!

hidden storage tv storage

This Hidden Storage Idea by Attic Mag