Top 10 Roofing Problems, and How to Solve Them

Water will always find the point of weakness, wherever it lies. So, it’s no surprise that water leaks are one of the biggest issues that affect roofs. It’s one of the biggest roofing issues for homeowners, especially in the Portland area.

Sometimes it’s the wear-and-tear of time, and sometimes it’s a faulty installation due to lack of experience.

Whatever the reason, there’s almost always a fix. Sometimes it’s an easy one, but sometimes it can mean bigger repairs. Either way, fixing the roofing problems early can help you get the maximum lifespan out of your roof and save you money. Putting off needed repairs can be costlier in the long run.

In this series on roofing problems, we’ll present the ten most common roofing problems we see time and time again, and how you can solve them.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  1. Incorrectly nailed-in shingles
  2. Incorrectly installed flashing
  3. Incorrect overhang of shingles
  4. Hiring a roofer with no insurance or credentials
  5. Not having an ice dam
  6. Not inspecting your roof
  7. Lack of ventilation
  8. Incorrectly aligned shingles
  9. Repairing your roof with unsafe DIY fixes
  10. Letting your gutters get out of control

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks, for the next installments in our series on roof problems.

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