Incorrectly Nailed-in Shingles

In this installment of our series on roofing problems, we’ll talk about incorrectly nailed-in shingles.

Are you finding leaks in several places, but not finding the source?

This could be because the nails were incorrectly installed on the shingles. Too few nails, or nails placed improperly can lead to leaks that may go undetected for a long time. The water can run through the shingles and travel before you start to see a leak inside the house.

If nails are placed incorrectly, they may be exposed to excessive water which will cause them to rust. As the nail breaks down from rusting, the water then seeps in beneath the single and soaks into the structure.

Incorrectly placed nails or too few nails can also mean loose shingles that flap in the wind… and end up in your garden!

The Fix

Most asphalt shingles need to be nailed in at least four places, sometimes more in cases of steeper pitched roofs. They also must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as each material type may need a different nailing pattern.

Keith Green Construction, Inc. installs 6 nails on each shingle as a standard business practice. This qualifies the customer for an enhanced wind warranty.

A professional roofer who has been trained and certified by the manufacturer will place the nails precisely according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Correct nail placement is a key ingredient in a watertight roof.

The proper fastener and waterproofing membrane in the valley areas of the roof are also key to making a roof sound.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks, for the next installments in our series on roof problems.

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