Saving Our Planet

Published: 4/30/2007, Portland Homes Magazine

When it’s time for a new roof, we usually ask ourselves all the right questions. What kind of roof is best for my home? What color and style choices do I have and how long will it last? How much maintenance will the new roof require? Will it consistently keep my house insulated from the elements?

After discovering the answers to these questions, we may feel we’ve done all the research needed to choose a new roof. But there are some questions we now have the responsibility to ask that we may not have considered before. Will my new roof help create a cleaner environment? Is it possible to buy a roof that is environmentally friendly and cost effective?

Luckily for us, there is finally a roofing system that satisfies everything we are looking for. You can now purchase a roof that not only outlasts, outshines, and generally outperforms any previous one, it is also made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable. Finally, roofing systems for a greener world: EuroShake® and EuroSlate® by GEM, Inc.

EuroShake®/EuroSlate® is a roofing system consisting of environmentally friendly, lightweight, tongue and groove tiles that are made mostly from recycled rubber tires and plastics. The system comes with two style options: shake, in a variety of colors that are designed to produce the weathered appearance of cedar shake roofs, or slate, designed to emulate the classic stone tiles that so many homeowners love on their roofs.

Environmental Benefits

EuroShake®/EuroSlate® is one of the most planet-friendly roofing systems available, preventing tires from being deposited into our landfills.

EuroShake®/EuroSlate® is also almost completely renewable. When a roof reaches the end of its life, the tiles can be recycled into new roofing materials. The environmental benefits are clear: decreased landfill waste as production begins combined with renewable materials when the roof is finally replaced (half a century later) contributes to a cleaner, greener world.

Homeowner Benefits

This cost effective rubber roof is weather and fire resistant, and easily installed by certified distributors. It will not rust, split, crack, or lift.

EuroShake®/ EuroSlate® roofs can be walked on, yet are unusually lightweight at less than 4 lbs. per square foot. They require lower maintenance, and will last about four times longer than an average roof EuroShake®/EuroSlate® comes with a 50-year transferable manufacturer’s warranty, so the next owner of the home will have the security of knowing the roof will continue to remain strong, durable, and beautiful year after year.

When it’s time to sell your property, your EuroShake®/EuroSlate® roof increases your home’s resale value by adding to the design, beauty, and durability of your property.