12 Questions You Should Discuss with Your Contractor before Beginning your Re-roofing project

The roof of your home is of primary importance in protecting it from the elements. When re-roofing becomes necessary there are many things to consider. Here are some important questions you should discuss with your contractor before beginning the project:

  • How should I prepare my family members and pets for activity and noise caused by this project?
  • What preparations need to be made outside my home to make way for construction to begin?
  • How long should I expect this roofing project to take?
  • Do my rain gutters, solar panels, satellite dish, etc. need to be removed for roof installation? If these items can’t be done by the contractor, who needs to do it?
  • Do I need to be at home while this project is underway? What parts of my home does the contractor need access to?
  • What is the protocol if needs for additional repairs, that are not part of the contract, come up during course of the roofing project? Will those things be discussed along with additional charges before moving ahead?
  • Do I need to prepare the inside of my home for my roofing project? (Removing pictures from walls, protecting furniture from dust, etc.)
  • What consequences will roofing have to the inside of my home, such as cracking sheetrock? Does your contractor take care of those occurrences as part of his contract?
  • What will the condition of my property be when the project is finished? Will clean up of debris be complete or should I expect to find pieces left on my lawn and in my flower beds? Does your contractor use a magnet to pick up nails/ staples from lawn, driveway and flower beds?
  • Will my roof look and perform its best as soon as it is installed or should I allow a period of time for roofing material to seal and conform to the roof with the heat of the sun?
  • What happens if it rains while my roofing project is underway?
  • When is my final payment due? Will I be provided with an itemized invoice and warranty information?

Good communication between you and your contractor will go a long way in assuring a successful outcome for your roofing project.