by Industry’s Best

Available in White, Tan, Brown, Green, Gray, Red

“IB Roof™”

  • Co-polymer Alloy system makes IB Roof Systems™ resistant to contaminants
  • All IB Roof System Warranties are 100% non-prorated.
  • Residential single-ply membrane systems have transferable warranties.
  • IB Roof Systems™ are installed via hot-air welding, creating a physical bond between sheets that are stronger and more reliable than chemical bonds.
  • IB Roof Systems™ are comprised of a 50/50 system: Top film and base film create a durable thickness.
  • The membranes built by IB Roof Systems™ have a 60% elongation rating, which is 45% more than industry standards.
  • Membrane reflects most UV Rays: 85-degree day: smooth black roof heats to 172 degrees, while IB White Membrane warms to 91 degrees.
  • IB Roof Portland roofing systems are non-curing, weldable for their entire lifespans.
  • Developed by CGT (Canadian General Tower, ltd.) Largest thermoplastics manufacturer in North America.
  • Class-A Fire Rating, protected by ChemGuard against chemical contaminations.
  • IB Roofs™ meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.
  • IB systems are designed for roofing, but are not limited to other projects, such as decks, vents, flashings, drains, etc.
  • Energy-star affiliated: savings calendar on site.