eco-friendly-home-productsMoney makes the world go round, and by choosing how we spend, we decide which way it goes! You can harness the power of shopping by choosing green or eco-friendly products for your home and roof, and supporting a more sustainable world.

Nowadays, earth-friendly, fairtrade, organic, upcycled or sustainably sourced can also mean chic, elegant and distinctive. You can love your home and also care for the environment with beautifully-made new environmentally friendly home products.

The trends speak for themselves. Eco-friendly home interiors can be chic, beautiful, and eco-friendly. And what better way to make a green statement than to buy online and reducing your carbon footprint?

Here’s a look at how some savvy green shoppers are paving the way.

1. Style at Home – Eco-friendly online shopping
Style at Home magazine makes online green shopping seem easy! A simple assortment of popular sites with some inspiring eco-friendly home products that will confirm that green style is in!

2. Readers’ Digest’s Mall vs Online sustainability discussion
Is it really more environmentally friendly to shop online rather than drive to the mall? Reader’s Digest summarizes the research and gives you a straight answer.

3. Mashable’s Top 10 online shops for sustainable products
You can always trust Mashable to come up with entirely enticing lists of creative collections. These ones are all earth-friendly!

4. Houzz’s Easy Green Top 10
Houzz makes a compelling case for buying green with their selection of simple and common household products that has something for everyone.

5. Buying green in numbers: Ipsos tallies the count
Are you part of the 50% of enlightened shoppers who prefer eco-friendly alternatives for your home furnishings? Find out how we think and buy green.

6. Treehugger’s Green Product Shopping
As Treehugger states, you can find almost any eco-friendly product you need on the internet – if you know where to look. But why bother since they’ve done it for you already? Check out their list.

7. The Eco-Everything Label
Confused about the eco-labels you’re seeing? Check out a handy explanation of international green labels.

8. Earth First’s international categories of green living
Do you prefer to think – and shop – in terms of categories? Earth First makes it a breeze to browse eco-friendly alternatives by products rather than brand.

9. Buying green for your home and office:
Love to upcycle? From BPA-free alternatives to bamboo, has a wide range of environmentally friendly products for your home and office.

10. Good Housekeeping’s cheat sheet to buying green
Labels can be confusing, so Good Housekeeping created a simple cheat sheet that makes sense out of all the eco-clutter. Read this to understand how environmentally friendly your online products are.

We love things that look great and are even better for the environment, and these days, there’s no need to sacrifice our love of beautiful home products if we want them to be earth-friendly. Make the most of these eco-friendly alternative e-commerce sites to make your shopping match your principles.