Chocolate bars stack and mint leafFebruary 19th is National Chocolate Mint day, as declared by the U.S. National Confectioners Association.

This holiday celebrates everything that is chocolate-mint flavored.

While we do appreciate the unique taste combination of mint and chocolate, we think there is something to be said for the dynamic color combination of a refreshing mint green and rich chocolate brown, as well.

That is why, in honor of Chocolate Mint day, we thought we would present some fresh ideas in home decor, all in a chocolate minty palette!

Eclectic Bedroom by Horchow

Traditional Bedroom by Annette English

Traditional Basement

Eclectic Dining Room by Alexandra Rae Design

Contemporary Bathroom by Shoberg Custom Homes

Traditional Living Room by

Eclectic Bedroom by Jeanette Lunde

Contemporary Kitchen by Creative Wood Designs Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen by Sarah Greenman

Transitional Living Room by Leslie Fine Interiors

Industrial Bedroom by Michelle Chaplin Interiors

Eclectic Bedroom by Jeanette Lunde

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