Gutter Installation & Repair

Gutter Installation & Repair

Custom Rain Gutter Installation

Increase your home’s value with the installation of continuous gutters, downspouts and leaderheads. Keith Green Construction, Inc. offers top quality steel or aluminum continuous gutter systems as part of our full-service roof installation. Our skilled team of metalworkers will ensure that your gutters match your exact specifications.

We will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. These custom-built systems come in a wide range of a styles and colors and can be constructed from a variety of materials, including pre-painted steel, copper, and painted aluminum. Our wide selection ensures that you will find the gutters that match your home perfectly. Contact us today to find the perfect fit your home or business!

The gutters are installed at the drip edge of your roof or the fascia board area where the rainwater can flow directly into the gutter. The gutters will have a very gentle pitch, which will allow the water to flow down the channel to the downspout. The downspout will channel the water from the gutter system and then deliver rainwater out to the ground, water collection tank, or a storm drain system. Each section of downspouts has the necessary elbows and bends to allow the downspout to hug the exterior walls of your home.

When properly installed and maintained rain gutters act as a channel to divert and collect rainwater from your roof. The primary purpose of rain gutters is to prevent rainwater from pooling near the foundation of your home. Standing water near the foundation of your home can cause shifting, cracking, and erosion to your home’s foundation. By installing and repairing quality rain gutters from Keith Green Construction to collect the rainwater you will be protecting your home from leaks and structural damages that can cause costly repairs. In addition, rain gutters also protect the exterior of your home from water “splashing” which can eventually ruin the exterior finish of your home.

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Maintaining Your Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Let Keith Green Construction help you maintain your rain gutters and downspouts. If your rain gutters become clogged they could cause water to leak into your home. A clogged rain gutter can quickly grow into a greater problem with a heavy amount of water gathering, which could tear a gutter from the roof, allow debris to build-up, and may even provide mosquitoes a place to breed and live. Our Pacific Northwest weather can get very cold during the winter months and then a clogged rain gutter system could freeze and become seriously damaged.

Maintaining your rain gutters can increase the lifespan of your rain gutters by two to three times of those gutters that are left neglected. Cleaning gutters should occur twice a year and is very simple process that could save thousands or dollars in repair costs. See Keith Green’s Roof Maintenance, 13 Point Roof Inspection and Rain Flow Gutter Filter System pages of this web site for more information about how Keith Green Construction can help you properly maintain your rain gutters.